Google Testing Third Party Reviews For Google Business Profile

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The recent insight from Mike Blumenthal only reaffirms what I’ve been advocating: the road ahead for SEO and E-E-A-T centers around nurturing a strong brand. Google is now dipping its toes into incorporating reviews from external platforms on Google Business Profile.

Google Reviews and EEAT

As I pointed out in a recent piece on LinkedIn linked here, the emphasis on a brand’s authority across different platforms is poised to be a cornerstone in the future of SEO.

Deepening your brand’s presence across diverse digital channels doesn’t just elevate your image; it boosts your credibility in Google’s eyes.

Here’s the thing: while we can always “pat ourselves on the back” by interlinking our own articles, or flood our sites with content, the real game-changer?

Positioning ourselves positively on platforms that we don’t control still sends some of the loudest signals to Google.

That’s the version for the people who despise “link talk,” but the truth remains that reputable links remain a linchpin for supremacy in search results.

Think of links as the threads weaving every aspect of your digital persona back to your hub – your website.

Google is smart, but many put too much faith in them to know what’s happening online.

The best, strongest, and most efficient solution is to tell them. And how do you do that, you ask?

You guessed it: Linky Links!