The Google Cycle You Need To Be Aware Of If SEO Is Your Focus

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The SEO cycle that giveth and taketh away 😨

SEO is, in many ways, a cycle that consistently swings between giving rewards and taking them away.

Failure to grasp its dynamics could lead you to bask in temporary successes only to see them dissipate soon after.

This is the Google cycle we are entrenched in. By recognizing its signs, you can harness its benefits without being blindsided by its downturns. 

A crucial thing to note: if everyone’s on a particular bandwagon and reaping short-lived gains, that tactic might be on borrowed time.

Reflecting on recent trends, consider the case of Featured Snippets. These have been in the spotlight for the last few years, commanding the attention of SEO enthusiasts and site owners alike. 

Strategies were meticulously crafted to clinch these snippets, with trusted outlets and social media brimming with success stories.

🌊 Then, suddenly, the tides changed.

Google pivoted its approach, prioritizing authoritative websites for its snippets.

As this alteration took hold, discussions shifted. Platforms that once praised the efficacy of Featured Snippets now highlighted how many are now taking losses. Social media is flooded with accounts of diminishing traffic, stemming from the loss of these snippets.

But the cycle, being what it is, means the story isn’t over.

As the focus shifts to the next big trend, Featured Snippets could regain their former glory—maybe not immediately, perhaps next year. The format might evolve, potentially integrating with structures like SGE, but the foundational strategies for Snippets could be goldmines in the future.

🤖 Let’s touch on A.I.

It’s still a dominant topic in the current SEO cycle, but there’s a palpable settling down.

Once Google finalizes its stance on pure A.I. content, sites overly reliant on A.I. will likely see a shift in their rankings.

If you’ve been around for a while, I’m sure you’ve experienced this cycle, and the chart makes complete sense.

Have you seen or experienced the cycle for yourself?