Using AI for SEO Is A Dangerous Game And Not Recommended

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If you’re using AI for SEO purposes, you’re most likely at a massive disadvantage.

AI is the shiny new object attracting much attention, as I’m sure you’ve noticed.

It can make things appear quicker and simpler.

And that’s where the danger lies.

AI is not a replacement for:

🚫 Authentic voice and tone

🚫 Intuitive keyword research

🚫 Crafting compelling content/ copywriting

🚫 Understanding user intent

🚫 Making human-like decisions

While AI might seem like the magic solution for generating topic clusters and content, it still lacks the what’s needed to win in conversion-focused SEO, such as:

✅ Competitive analysis: Understanding the nuances of your competitors’ strategies, your competitive advantage and if you can compete in SERPs can’t be done effectively by AI.

✅ Content Flow: Crafting content that flows naturally, engages the reader and guides them to a desired action requires an understanding of your audience.

✅ Creativity: Creating content ideas that resonate with your audience requires creativity that AI can’t match.

✅ Strategic Thinking: Developing an SEO strategy that aligns with broader marketing, mission and business goals requires strategic thinking.

✅ Adaptability: We can adapt to new information or changes in the industry, whereas AI might need retraining or adjustment.

✅ Awareness of Current Events: Humans can quickly adjust their SEO strategy to reflect changes in public sentiment, demand, core updates or market conditions.

Using AI for SEO is like trying to build a house without blueprints. You might have all the materials and tools (AI), but without a plan (SEO experience), you’re likely to end up with a structure that’s unstable, inefficient, or not safe (E-E-A-T).

You must focus on learning solid SEO techniques and leverage AI to make the process faster and more efficient, but not as a replacement.