3 Simple Steps That Can Help Your Content Rank Higher On Google

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SEO is tough. Unfortunately, some are not even giving themselves s a chance to in search results.

You have to create content that your audience wants without neglecting what Google needs to determine that your content is relevant.

But you can get so focus on optimizing your content for Google that you don’t create it in a way that causes your audience not to turn into a lead.

There is a balance that you must understand to accomplish both. And that is what is discussed in the episode.

Key Takeaways

  • These simple steps can all be done right in Google without any of the expensive softwares out there that have an extensive learning curve.
  • All three steps are important but I find that Step 2 is critical to your success.
  • Remember you are not creating content for more website traffic. Smaller amounts of traffic that are super targeted can get you more and better quality leads!

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Discover your Financial Advisor Success Path To Attracting More Quality Leads Online – https://thefaadvantage.com/path

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