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Your guide to building a strong personal brand for long-term growth.

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A Strong Personal Brand Helps You Win

Your personal brand is your chance to show your value to an audience interested in what you have to say. It is a way to inform people what you do and how you do it, getting them to take your desired action because they now know like and trust you. Having a strong personal brand can impact your business, career, or reputation within a company.

Everyone has a brand, but not everyone efficiently manages it. With expert help, let’s make your personal brand work to your advantage.

What Personal Branding Can Do For You

Fueled by a decade-worth of experience

Our Approach

In our consultation services, we share our decade-worth of knowledge about personal branding and content strategy to fuel your business’s continued growth. As an expert branding consultant, Steven J Wilson & Associates guides you in establishing a brand that gets seen, heard, and noticed online.


Every personal branding journey starts with a careful look at your brand. In our consultation process, we’ll help you see where you currently stand amongst the competition. We’ll guide you so you can understand your goals, discover your value, find your identity, and define what your brand makes you uniquely “you.”


A solid strategy establishes your path to personal branding success. When you consult with us, we’ll help you determine the tactics and tools you need to effectively communicate your personal brand on social media. We’ll guide you so you won’t get caught in common pitfalls and ensure you’re always headed in the right direction.


Executing your branding strategy alone can be challenging and scary. But when you partner with us, we’ll be there for you in every step of the personal branding process. We’ll be your guide as you set your plans into motion, offering our sound advice, wide resources, and vast connections to ensure a smooth branding journey.

A guided journey to personal branding success

What We Offer

Building Brands Within a Brand

Discover our flagship service that focuses on developing employee personal brands to boost a company’s brand advantage. Leverage the power of each individual on social media because your employees are your company’s greatest assets.

One-on-One Consulting Sessions

Get professional advice and tactical recommendations on how you can effectively brand yourself. Whether you’re a CEO, executive, HR manager, PR agency, or simply a professional, talk with an experienced personal branding consultant.

The Branding Leadership Community

A community cultivated for business owners and professional leaders offering networking, accountability, Roadmaps, workbooks and other resources to help solidify their authority through personal branding—ultimately positioning themselves for long-term growth.

Who We Work With

CEOs, Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

If you want to position yourself as an industry thought-leader and stand out from the competition, work with us!

Human Resources & Training Managers

If you want personal branding, social media, and content strategy courses and training programs to maximize your employee potential, work with us!

PR Agencies & Exec Comms Managers

If you want training on personal branding strategies for your clients, CEOs, or yourselves, work with us!

Why Choose Us?

We’re Backed with Decade of Experience

Our founder, Steven J Wilson, has been in the digital world for over a decade, helping companies, non-profits, and business owners across the globe.

We Ask the Right Questions

We make sure to ask the right questions in our consultation sessions to ensure you are getting the right advice for you. Because your personal brand deserves a personalized approach!

We’re Passionate About You

Your personal brand is an essential piece to grow your business or career, and we deeply understand that. We are one with your goal of long-term growth, that’s why we’re eager to guide you in building a brand that can lead you to success.

Free Personal Branding Report

A personal brand can make the difference between a successful and stagnant business or career. If you want to stand out and win in life, you should focus on working on your personal brand. And we’re more than happy to help! As proof, we offer you this personal branding report for FREE! Download our report to begin positioning yourself for long-term growth and to learn more about how we can help!


The Branding leadership Community Waiting List

We think you'll like it there!


The Branding leadership Community Waiting List

We think you'll like it there!