Is online marketing successful?

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Yes, online marketing can be successful if done correctly. However, there are many factors to consider when planning an effective online marketing strategy, including target audience, message, platform, and call to action.

By taking the time to understand your audience and what they are looking for, you can create relevant and engaging content, ultimately leading to more conversions.

How to be successful with online marketing

You need to have a proper marketing action plan that considers all the different stages of the marketing funnel.

This will help you go through all the ins and outs of creating a strategy, from choosing your target audience to creating content and measuring your results.

A marketing action keeps you from making common mistakes that could jeopardize your chances of success.

If you’re not sure where to start, our guide on how to create an effective digital marketing action plan can help get you started.

What are some common mistakes people make with online marketing

Some common mistakes people make with online marketing include:

Thinking everyone is your customer

When you try to appeal to everyone, your message gets lost.

You need to focus on a specific target audience.

You can tailor your message and cut through the noise by doing so.

Failing to track data and measure results

Online marketing is not a set-it-and-forget strategy.

Without data, you can’t determine what’s working and what’s not.

Be sure to set up tracking methods so you can see how well your campaign is performing.

Relying on one platform

Starting on one platform you are comfortable that your target audience hangs out is ideal.

But, once you have consistent success, you should allocate a small portion of your efforts and resources to growing a secondary platform.

Not having a clear call to action

Your content might be great, but if you don’t have a clear call to action (CTA), people won’t know what you want them to do next.

Make sure your CTA is direct and easy to understand.

Don’t leave the next step to chance. Give them some direction.

Ignoring SEO

Search engine optimization is crucial for getting your content seen by potential customers.

Ensure you include relevant keywords and phrases in your content so people can easily find it.

It takes a lot of effort to be successful online, and with SEO, you can get residual results from past efforts compared to social where you have to create content constantly to continue seeing results.

Bonus tip: Use A/B testing

This is a more advanced practice but one that should be considered.

You never know which creative headline, image, or CTA will resonate the most with your audience.

So test out different versions and see which performs better. Over time you’ll get a good idea of what works best for your business.

What are some tips for staying up to date on digital trends?

Things are constantly changing in the digital space.

You have to move cautiously because changing with every new trend of the year can be dangerous to successful marketing action plans.

But, you want to have an idea of what’s to come in case it’s a game changer for how you reach your target market.

Here are some tips:

  • Subscribe to relevant newsletters like Moz Ad Age Digital and Social Media Examiner to stay current on the latest digital marketing.
  • Follow industry thought leaders and influencers on social media and take note of the content they share.
  • You can also join relevant Facebook and LinkedIn groups to stay in the loop.
  • Attend webinars, trade shows, and conferences related to digital marketing.

By following these tips, you can create a successful online marketing campaign that will help grow your business.

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