How Long Does Your Social Media and Web Content Last?

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100% of all the content created on social media comes from only about 1.5% of users.

One reason is that it can be difficult to please these algorithms by posting daily, engaging with other content on the platform, and proactively growing your following. That is why you should focus on content that works for you.

If you use a platform where the content practically disappears in minutes – it will require that you post daily or even multiple times a day to grow your following.

Keep this in mind as you decide which platforms to use to grow your business.

To help we will discuss how long your content lasts online across the most popular platforms today.

Key Takeaways

  • Financial advisors should prioritize content that works for them. If you create content that disappears in minutes you will have to create multiple pieces of content per day.
  • Blog posts are still the best place to create content. Your content can bring thousands of potential prospects to your website even if you published it 2 years ago or more.
  • Repurposing content will allow you to strategically create one piece of content that you can break down into 20+ other pieces of content to bring awareness to your business.

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