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super charge your company’s brand

Employee Advocacy Meets Personal Branding

The finance sector is a high trust environment and these days people resonate with people over company brands. Help your employees create strong personal brands that benefit the companies bottom line.

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Leverage your greatest assets

Building Brands Within a Brand

Your employees have the potential to become the company’s greatest influencers. Today’s CEOs, entrepreneurs, and business owners must help employees develop personal brands that are tied in with the company brand.

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There’s Strength in numbers


561% more reach

when employees share the brand message

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92% of people

trust recommendations from individuals over companies

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7x more likely to convert

employee-generated leads through social media activities

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Amplify your brand

Maximizing Brand Potentials

When the employee personal brands and employer company brand work in harmony, it unleashes a better one-two branding punch that gets results—an approach Steven J Wilson dubbed as “Building Brands Within a Brand.”

Everyone Benefits

Grow Reach. Build Trust. Boost Sales

Leverage your employees’ personal brands. Tap into their extended reach, credibility, and convincing power with strategic content creation. Because successful “personal brands” can help create a more successful “company brand.”

Utilizing Personal Brands Within the organization

How the company brand benefits

Grow reach

Posts by a personal brand go further than posts from the company.

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Build trust

Consumers trust recommendations from someone they know over company content.

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Boost sales

Leads generated by a personal brand post are more likely to convert into sales.

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Nurture your people. Nurture your business.

Building brands within a brand can be the competitive edge your business needs. Let Steven J Wilson & Associates show you Why you Should promote, develop, and nurture employee personal brands that work for your business in our report.

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