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their business Online

Get more qualified leads online and build a stronger book of business with our 6 week program!

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Making ‘Putting yourself out there,’
less intimidating

Building a brand is much deeper than posting on social media and together we can develop your brand in a way that is sustainable, inline with your goals and brings long-term results.


the best branding techniques for your goals


through the wins and losses, ups and downs


on your burning questions


content that bring results for years to come


Your expertise to increase your leads and opportunities

You don’t have to go at it alone

As you step into your personal branding journey, you’ll discover what many find out the hard way – it’s lonely and difficult to know that you are doing what’s actually necessary to grow your brand. But it doesn’t have to be. Finding the right resources, opportunities, and support network can be tough, but I’m here for you.

Introducing The FA Advantage Group Coaching Program

A Program Cultivated For Your Success

This is a program where founder Steven J Wilson works with you with plenty of one on one time during the course of this 6 week program in order to help you achieve your personal branding goals.

Get unlimited access to Steven as questions, opportunities or issues arise throughout your journey.

Motivated Professionals Wanted

It’s a match if:

  • You are committed to putting in the work
  • You are committed to completing the 6 week virtual program
  • You understand that this is a long-term play and you only get out what you put in
  • You are a business owner or professional ready to share your expertise online
  • You are ready to dig deep into what you really want to accomplish
  • Would like assistance in discovering and pitching potential opportunites

It’s NOT a match if:

  • You are not committed to the entire program
  • You are not open to changing a strategy that may not be benefiting your brand
  • You are not open to potentially trying something outside of your comfort zone if it’s beneficial to your brand
  • If you consumed content from Steven J Wilson and don’t trust in his process for building brands online

Sounds like a good fit?

Great! Here’s your next steps:

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  • Step 2: You’ll receive an email when the program opens up with an application to make sure we are good fit for each other.
  • Step 3: If your application is approved we’ll be in touch to set up a call!

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