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Are you letting fear, insecurities, impostor syndrome and others stop your from building your brand online

This community will help you overcome those and discover opportunities to increase your brand!

This is where professionals and leaders come together to build their personal brands and share in a like-minded community. 


from other leaders, colleagues, and branding pros


through the wins and losses, ups and downs


expertise and get answers to your burning questions


masterminds and cultivate a rich knowledge base


in challenges and events that will propel you forward

Introducing The Branding Leadership Community

A Community Cultivated For Your Success

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This private community is driven by leaders like you. Motivated to build a personal brand with a commitment to discover professional opportunities and grow careers.

Get supportive feedback and guidance in a safe, private online environment – The Branding Leadership Community is a carefully cultivated and curated network with your unique needs in mind.

"Stop being the best kept secret"

It’s time to shake off the fear. Stop hesitating. And join the network designed exclusively for judgement-free growth.

Fear of mistakes can make personal branding efforts sluggish out of a desire to play it safe. Instead, grow with your peers without the weight and worry of uncertainty. 

Reach out to other experts, ask questions, and get meaningful feedback from the community without the risk of ridicule or an unnecessary focus on mistakes.

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Inside the Branding Leadership Community

Your personal brand is the best thing that can happen to your career. You should strongly consider joining a community of smart, savvy professionals who, like you, are dedicated to building a strong foundation and a timeless, thriving brand.

One of the primary focuses will be on giving you what you need to not only be seen as valuable to humans when they consume your content but the algorithms as well. If you cater to one without the other your branding efforts will not have the impact you need to excel.

All explained in an easy to digest non technical way that anyone can understand.

Private Community

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You need the right people In Your Corner

As you step into the spotlight as the founder, leader, or guiding force, you’ll discover what many find out the hard way – it’s lonely and not easy to rise to the top. But it doesn’t have to be. Finding the right resources, opportunities, and support network can be tough, but we have what you may be looking for.

Personal branding is a long-term strategy. The road can be riddled with uncertainties and void of meaningful feedback.

All of these goals mean you need to join the right circle of experts and professionals so you can build your personal brand the right way.  

You don’t have to go it alone. In fact, your personal brand will be more successful, faster, with a carefully curated community at your back.

Motivated Founding Members Wanted

a high value Space For Leaders

Be the first. As a founding member, you have the power to forge a safe space for positive professionals. Craft a bedrock culture of growth mindset, commitment to self-awareness, willingness to do the work, and to help others succeed. 

It's a match if:

It's NOT a match if:

Sounds like a good fit?

Great! Here’s your next steps:

Important FAQs

Is there a cost to join the community

Yes. Our Founding members will receive a 50% discount at only $19 per month or enjoy an even steeper discount at $190 per year. This pricing is only open to our Branding Leadership Community Founding Members and will never be seen again.

I’m on the waiting list but didn’t receive an invite.

Thanks so much for joining the wait list. It likely means you are still in the queue. Initial invites will roll out on April 25, 2021.

What is your refund policy?

The Branding Leadership Community is billed monthly or annually and all members have complete access to all material. We offer a no questions-asked refund policy for the first 30-days for annual members only. 

If at some point you feel that the community is no longer an ideal fit, you’ll have access to your billing dashboard to cancel your membership at anytime. 

However, if you join the community and genuinely take action, you’ll realize you’re in the right place. Once you’ve experienced genuine growth and personal success from the mentorship and lessons waiting for you, we’re sure you’ll feel like you will find value in being here.

Still, have questions? Contact us here.

Branding Leadership Community is a product of Steven J Wilson & Associates


The Branding leadership Community Waiting List

We think you'll like it there!


The Branding leadership Community Waiting List

We think you'll like it there!