Author: Steven J Wilson

Primary and Secondary keywords SEO

What are Primary Keywords and Secondary Keywords in SEO?

Primary keywords and Secondary keywords are terms used by webmasters and content creators to target specific search queries to help rank their content higher in search results. These days, keywords are just as relevant as they were a couple of decades ago. Of course, they are not the main factor

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increase website traffic

21 Ways To Drive More Traffic To Your Website

Website traffic is crucial for business owners. More traffic to your website could mean more sales, Ad revenue, email subscribers & leads, so it should be a top priority.  While you know that you should be driving more traffic to your website, it not as easy as some make it

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Branding and SEO

Why Branding Should Be Your SEO Strategy For 2023

Developing strategic branding, that can be detected on an algorithmic level, will create longevity and allow your brand to continue to progress through all future Google updates.  Google has been on a mission for years to continue to improve search results to deliver results as accurate as possible.  Google is

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Content Strategy for Search Engines

The Secret To Creating Content That Search Engines Love

There is an underlying element that gives our content massive opportunities for success. We spend so much time writing our blog post, recording and editing our video and podcast, creating and editing images, emailing our subscribers, servicing our clients, and sometimes we overlook the fundamentals that shape the success of

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