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“After years of being just fine working behind the scenes, I decided to begin sharing my methodologies and what I see as some clear advantages in the digital marketing space.”

My Start

I got started in the online world back around 2009. 

To me, this was the Wild West compared to the way growing websites are now. In many niches, you can create a site and crank out 100-word posts a day, connect with the right people to help drive traffic, and make money by getting sponsored post offers. 

At the time, just coming up with something to say every day was a challenge. Still, through this, I developed a system for curating ideas and setting up content calendars for producing content regularly.

Social Media 

As things changed, and Google started to cater to more optimized longer-form content, I began putting my focus on Social media. It became pretty easy to drive traffic with consistency and outreach at the time. 

This is where I started learning more about posting, engaging, and creating graphics for social media that captured attention. During this time, I learned how to get hundreds of social shares per post and how use social media to drive traffic to my websites.


With all the changes with the social media algorithms, I turned to learn more about driving organic traffic to my site. Just when you think you are getting the hang of things, Google would come and release an update that always left you guessing. 

This was when my focus shifted into learning to create long-form, SEO optimized content. Doing this effectively taught me that you could withstand Google’s updates if you follow a holistic approach to creating and promoting your content.


After years of being a hobbyist and just wanting to learn about all the aspects of the online world, I decided to begin freelancing in 2016. The focus shifted to servicing clients through the natural evolution of designing websites, then helping them with SEO and social media. I started to develop systems and processes that would help business owners with their online journeys.

I learned a lot from helping various businesses and entrepreneurs with their online goals. 

I also began creating some niche sites. I wanted to actually put these many different methodologies to the test before implementing anything.

I wanted to answer questions like, Do backlinks really matter? The best way to create SEO optimized content? And discover what is really important when it comes to generating leads for a business.

You must ‘DO’ then ‘ANALYZE.’ Operating on theory alone will lead to a lot of wasted time and money. 

This is still a practice I use to this day. I’m always creating and testing before implementing or recommending any new strategies on client sites.

Bringing It All Together

After working behind the scenes for a while, I decided to launch my personal brand Steven J Wilson.com. Here I will share my many thoughts and experiences to help entrepreneurs and business owners focus on the things that are really important with growing a business using digital marketing.

I’m looking forward to sharing my insights with you and providing you with case studies, courses, and consulting to help you grow your business using digital marketing solutions.

Reverse Mortgage Digital Marketing Book Cover

My Book

Reverse Mortgage Digital Marketing

I launched a digital marketing agency in 2019 and now help Reverse Mortgage professionals with their online presence. 

So, I thought it only right to start there even though I’m super excited about my next book on…. well I release those details later.

Release Date: June 2020

Watch the Journey Unfold

Now that I’m out of the shadows. Be sure to follow me on Twitter and LinkedIn as I begin my rise and to stay updated on the content that I will put out that will help you grow your business online!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope we get a chance to connect.


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